Hey, I’m Lizzie and I’m the face of The Fearless Female Gamer. I’m a female gamer and bent on making the world a better place for us women. Make sure to join my group filled with female gamers and other feminists who want to make things easier for us.

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I want to read posts in the blog about feminist issues and issues surrounding female gamers.

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Lizzie has been incredibly helpful to me from learning about the freelance world to helping me create a blog that I can use to run my own freelance business. She has been an inspiration to me when I have questions about things and what I should do next. She’s a talented copywriter, blogger, and all-around writer. I am glad that I have found an incredible person like her in the freelance industry.

Jenna Larsen

Freelance Writer, Courteous Customer Copywriting

Lizzie, if I could nominate you for an award, I would!

Dawn Petalino

Healing Practitioner | Life Coach, New Raise of Light