Hey chicka! This is the go-to website for all your gaming and graphic novel questions.

I know how hard it is to find a website that caters to female gamers, especially if you have questions you wanted to be answered. Ever wanted to know if a game is worth purchasing? Well, it’s time to check if I’ve reviewed it on my blog!

I felt a photo of me was necessary to prove that I’m not a robot of any sort. I show spunk that isn’t seen very often and constantly tell myself that I should be a unicorn in a sea of horses. I’m the type of unicorn that wishes for 2 horns on my head instead of being glad I have one so I can look like everyone else. Who wants to be the same as someone else these days?

As women, we aren’t often seen as avid gamers. We want to prove the men wrong, right? Well, here’s our chance – let’s set the world on fire, ladies!

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