Hi – I’m Lizzie, otherwise known as The Fearless Gamer Chick. This is the premiere place to learn more about the metaphysical side of life. This means meditation, manifestation, and Wicca.

I don’t want this place to be confusing for anyone so I’ll be making it as simple as I can. If you want to learn about the metaphysical side of life, head over to my blog. You can hit on the “blog” section at the top of the page or the button directly below.

I’m sorry to interrupt your regularly-scheduled website reading time but I wanted to include a word from my friends. So here’s what they have to say as well. Enjoy!

Lizzie has been incredibly helpful to me from learning about the freelance world to helping me create a blog that I can use to run my own freelance business. She has been an inspiration to me when I have questions about things and what I should do next. She’s a talented copywriter, blogger, and all-around writer. I am glad that I have found an incredible person like her in the freelance industry.

Jenna Larsen

Freelance Writer, Courteous Customer Copywriting

Lizzie, if I could nominate you for an award, I would! You have definitely proven yourself above and beyond! Your posts and quotes are getting a lot of feedback and likes, especially on Instagram. Thank you!

Dawn Petalino

Healing Practitioner | Life Coach, New Raise of Light