Content marketing services for clients who are SERIOUS about turning lurking readers into volunteers for the cause.

That’s what you want, isn’t it? Being able to transform those lurkers into happy volunteers while not feeling overwhelmed? That’s where my services come in!

I have always held a passion for providing services that make your life so much easier while making my life so much more meaningful so let’s take a look at what I can offer for you.


I will provide written content that I will upload to your blog. Each post will have at least 750 words and may go beyond 1000 words, as per your instructions. I will include screenshots and actionable tips for your readers so they can finish the blog post with things they can do to better their lives. I will upload the blog post to your blog for you as well as share each post to social media. Blog posts start at $160 per post. Contact me by the form below for a customized quote!

Social Media Management

 I will take care of your social media channels; my speciality is Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. I am also willing to maintain Facebook business pages as the need arises. My rates start at $200 per two accounts. Each account added after the first two are $100 per account. E-mail me using the form below for a customized quote!

Content Marketing Consulting

I provide consulting for those who wish to start a content marketing campaign. I provide consulting for blogs, social media strategy, and visibility strategies. I want to help your brand succeed so I want to make sure that you are following through with the correct strategy based on your needs. My rates start at $30/hr; contact me by e-mail or the contact form below for a customized quote!

I’m sure you’ve seen that person who has the college degree in journaling from time to time who seems like they are almost over-qualified for the job. I am sure you’re wondering why you shouldn’t just hire them over me so you can have someone in-house who does the writing for you. Well, let me show you what I’ve done with my social media marketing so you can get an idea of how I’m different from what you’ve seen thus far.

Twitter Profile

I grew my Twitter profile from 463 followers to over 900 in less than a week through the use of blog post sharing and interaction with others in my niche.

Facebook Business Page

I grew the interaction on my Facebook Business Page by over 100% in just under a week by sharing content relevant to my audience’s needs. I gave assistance when I could and also promoted the page on appropriate threads.

Linkedin Profile

I grew my Linkedin profile by a couple dozen connections by reaching out to people in my writing niche. I was strategic in my efforts and it paid off in the best possible way!

Now that we’ve talked about what I can do for you and why you should hire me, it’s now time to talk about getting in contact with me so you can hire me. I have a nifty little contact form located directly below.

You can also use to email me. I will answer your message within 2 business days.

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