I thought I’d write about something a tad different today since I’m in a group about it on Facebook. I wanted to talk about Twitch.

For those of you who don’t know, Twitch is a streaming service for gamers and it’s a great source of visibility for your gaming skills.

It can also be used as a social media platform for gamers since that’s what it’s geared toward. (That is, if you don’t count Discord but that’s a post for another day.)

Being able to reach fellow gamers is a huge deal these days since most of us want to be seen by sponsors in the easiest way possible.

What’s an easy way to be seen by sponsors, you ask? Why, by streaming your gameplay for all the world to see, of course!

I know this is a scary thought for a lot of us, me especially. I am definitely an introverted person by nature and this is something I have to live with every day of my life.

I love talking to people and have always loved helping others. I suppose that’s why this blog was created in the first place – I wanted to be ablet o answer your questions and further your gaming activities in any way I can.

So let’s get started on this journey into learning more about Twitch and what it can do for you.

using twitch

Fact #1: Increasing visibility

One of the main things streaming on Twitch can do for you is to increase your visibility. As a professional gamer, we want to be as visible as we can so we can gain new sponsors.

In order to do that, we need to be out there on social media as much as possible. One of the best things you can do for yourself in this area, is to choose the social media channel that your ideal sponsor spends most of their time on.

That can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch. Using Twitch to get yourself out there is always a good idea since people can help you with problem areas in the games you play.

The more people who watch your streams, the more likely you are to be seen by possible sponsors. You can see where I’m going with this idea, right?

In case you don’t know where I’m going with this thought process, the sponsors who see your streams might like what they see and will reach out to you.

They won’t find you if they don’t know you exist, right? Increasing your visibility upon your peers can also help you meet fellow gamers, which helps you get more friends.

I’m sure you’d like more friends, right? I’ve never seen fellow gamers or bloggers as competition since we can always find a way to help each other.

I’ve even reached out to bloggers with ideas of how I can help them. I am a helper and always have been but that’s just me.

Fact #2: Connecting with other gamers

Twitch has a chat function during live-streams so you can talk with the people watching the stream. This can give you a chance to get to know your fellow gamer.

Nine times out of ten, you wouldn’t be able to meet this gamer otherwise. This gives you a new chance to raise up a great community of gamers who believe in the same things you do.

It makes things a ton of fun, right? Of course, you’ll get the haters but there isn’t anything you can do in this world that won’t produce at least one hater.

Ignoring the hater(s) is the best thing you can do since they will leave you alone in time. With Twitch, you can stream your gameplay without the bias we women go through.

There are people out there who ask female gamers like us to do insane things for their fetish desires. Twitch won’t allow these things to happen, which will cause us to be able to relax while playing.

I’ve come across so many female gamers streaming on Twitch, which has caused me to make so many new friends. You can create new friendships as well on Twitch as you explore the many games being streamed live every day.

Fact #3: You can get some money.

The more often you stream on Twitch, the more likely you are to gain the attention of sponsors.

These sponsors will pay you to play their games and give them feedback on what you played.

They will also pay you to stream on Twitch from time to time. When you are using Twitch Prime, you will also get some money for any subscribers you receive.

These people aren’t just following you, they will subscribe to your streams so they can get emojis to use in the chat area.

These emojis are incredibly fun to use and it made me smile to see Final Fantasy and Super Mario emojis.

I’ve also seen Legend of Zelda emojis while a gamer was playing Ocarina of Time. Seeing these emojis in the chat area is quite amusing and can cause smiles all around.

Make sure to make the most out of what you can do on Twitch, as I’m sure you can get some good money after some time. It might take quite some time to get income from Twitch subscribers but don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen immediately.

Refer to step number one since you’ll need more visibility to get more subscribers. There are Facebook groups for female Twitch streamers where you can let people know about when you’ll be streaming.

Make sure to join those groups so you can get the word out! Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that ability?

In Conclusion

So those are three reasons you should check out Twitch. You can make new friends, you can increase your visibility, and you can create an income while doing what you love.

Using Twitch to get your name out there can be one of the easiest things you can do for yourself as a gamer. Make sure to check out my other blog posts and subscribe to my newsletter!