So I signed up for Pokémon Go on July 7, 2016 and couldn’t have been more excited about it.

There were quite a few glitches on the app when it first came out since there were so many people who jumped on the app.

I got access to it within 24 hours of its release onto Apps Store. Yes, I’m an iPhone user.

I’m even writing this blog post on an iMac computer. It’s an awesome computer if anyone is curious about it.

I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since I started walking around my hometown like a crazy lady.

I looked like I had a few issues, which is a thought that makes me laugh these days. I don’t play nearly as much as I used to back in the beginning.

I used to drive around the local university just to collect Poké balls since there is such a large grouping of Pokéstops there.

I used to be so excited to go on trips just because I would be able to catch Pokémon there that I wouldn’t be able to get in my hometown.

Yeah, I don’t get out much since I’m such a hermit crabs these days. I wanted to take a further look into Pokémon Go since I know so many of you have played it before.

For those of you who haven’t played it before, here are some reasons why you SHOULD get into it!

Pokémon Go

Reason #1: It’s addictive.

I know this shouldn’t be a proper reason anyone should try something new. You end up becoming addicted to it and spending all your time doing it.

This is what happened to me in a sense over the summer of 2016 and well into 2017 as well. I don’t mind admitting that I spent too much time playing it instead of doing other things.

I couldn’t wait to leave work because that meant I could spend time on Pokémon Go. I am now past this point, though I do play the game from time to time.

I still enjoy it but I don’t play it as much.

Reason #2: It’s a great way to distract yourself.

If you’re an introvert like me, your phone turns into your lifeline pretty soon. You depend on your phone, especially in social situations.

That is, if you even appear in social functions. Nine times out of ten, I’m at home with a book in my hands or in front of my computer.

I hate the idea of going through small talk with someone and try to avoid it at all costs.

I don’t mind small talk if I know the person well but I won’t do it other than that. So the idea of catching Pokémon instead of talking to people is a very appealing thought for me.

How could it not be when I don’t have anything else going for me? I am one of those people who gets nervous when talking to people.

Yeah, even if it’s just one person. I still get nervous when doing it and even shake from time to time if I get nervous enough.

Reason #3: It gives you a chance to slack off.

This also shouldn’t be a good habit to have but I’m listing it anyway. I don’t normally slack off, especially when it comes to this blog.

I’ve been getting better about making sure that all my work gets done in a timely manner.

I get most, if not all, my client work done on Monday so I won’t have to worry about it later in the week when it’s closer to being due.

That’s just my personal habit and I don’t like the thought of breaking it. But if I need a break, I do like to leave the house and break out Pokémon Go for a few moments to play.

I’m sure you’ve done the same with your own phone from time to time.

Reason #4: There’s always an update or two.

They regularly update the app with new Pokémon to catch, which makes the app fresh periodically.

I get bored with games really quickly so this is a good habit for these guys. It brings me back to the game whenever I see new Pokémon are out to be caught.

Right now, I have just over 150 of them caught and that number might go up from time to time.

That is, when I remember the app is still on my phone. I like to have the app running in the background when I’m exercising in the park.

I can grab some supplies from the gyms and Pokéstops while walking to give myself something to look forward to.

It does help me to remember to open the app. That’s a good thing for them, right?

Reason #5: The incentives are pretty good.

The good thing is, the app is free to use. Of course, there are things you can purchase but the purchase is not necessary to play the game.

It does help occasionally if you’re in a crunch for supplies. But it’s not integral to progressing in the game.

That is always a good incentive for me to keep playing. I’m not the type of person to use an app if you have to either purchase it outright or purchase parts of it just to use the app fully.

I suppose that’s how the app developer gets ya, though, right? It makes sense to a marketer like me but it’s still sleazy on a level or two.

Anyway, the rewards for playing the game are pretty good. You can level up your avatar with each new Pokémon you catch and with each Pokéstop you visit on your “journey”.

You can now have a buddy that walks with you and earns “candy” for that Pokémon after a certain distance.

I did like that update and I’m not afraid to admit it. What incentive is your favorite?

In Conclusion

All in all, I do enjoy taking part in the game whenever I get the chance. Since I’m a stay-at-home business owner, that time isn’t much from time to time.

I do try to get out for a break every now and again, though. What did y’all think of the game? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and sign up for my newsletter as well!