Overwhelm helps me succeed in my business. You never thought you’d read a sentence like that, did you? Yeah…well, I didn’t think I’d ever write a sentence like that either.
Feelings of overwhelm can be a very tricky thing to deal with, especially if you have anxiety like me. It can be hard to focus around those feelings of anxiety caused by overwhelm.
How are you supposed to get everything done on your to-do list if you’re freaking out about it? That’s a question that goes through my mind every day and it’s one I’m going to help you with today.
I wanted to share five simple ways overwhelm helps me succeed in my business. This way, you can learn from them for your business as well. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. I want perfection, which causes overwhelm.

Wanting perfection isn’t so bad if it didn’t cause me a certain degree of overwhelm. For me, overwhelm is a huge problem since it doesn’t take much to cause it.
As I’ve said several times before, I have severe anxiety where overwhelm is a normal part of everyday life. I have certain tasks that cause me anxiety, which then causes me to feel overwhelmed.
Wanting perfection with every task I take on causes me a certain degree of overwhelm. It also makes me try harder at the task at hand, which is a good thing since I want success.


2. I get more done because I’m scared of not getting it all done.

Nine times out of ten, I have these large to-do lists that cause me to feel overwhelmed. I don’t know how I’m going to get all these tasks done and the overwhelm causes quite a bit of nausea.
This overwhelm helps me succeed in my business because I get more done. I’m so scared that I won’t get everything done that I end up getting more done than I thought I would.
I always feel this sense of accomplishment after I get more tasks done. I’ve been chasing that sense of accomplishment for years now and hope you come to do so as well.

3. Being overwhelmed causes me to take a look at my to-do list.

Sometimes I get to the point where I’m so overwhelmed that I have to take a hard look at my to-do list. Sometimes there’s too much on it for me to take care of in one day.
This is a hard pill for me to swallow and it doesn’t get easier in time, no matter how many people say that. I like to do certain things on certain days, though sometimes those tasks just can’t be done.
This sense of overwhelm helps me succeed in a different sort of way. It helps me judge which tasks are more important so those tasks get done first. That makes sense to you, right?


4. I’ll complete the tasks that cause the most overwhelm first.

There will always be tasks on my to-do list that cause me quite a bit of overwhelm. The tasks are sometimes downright scary to me and I never seem to want to do them.
These tasks are anything from calling people or speaking in front of people. Sometimes it includes going live on Facebook, which is still a frightening thing for me.
This type of overwhelm helps me succeed in my business because I like to get these tasks out of the way. Once these tasks are out of the way, I can move on to tasks that are easier for me to complete.


5. I’m feeling better in the end after the overwhelm is gone.

I’ll start feeling much better at the end of the day once the overwhelming feelings are gone. I have never been good with overwhelm and I’ve had problems dealing with it in the past.
I’m sure you can relate to the feeling of relief I get once all the overwhelming tasks are out of my way. My to-do list for the next day looks much more fun to me and yours should as well.
This feeling helps me succeed by giving me determination for work the next day. I have always enjoyed my work as an entrepreneur, after all.

Over to You!

Overwhelming tasks on a to-do list can be exhausting for you both mentally and physically. Getting the more exhausting tasks out of the way first can help you succeed more in your business.
Now that I’ve shared how overwhelm helps me succeed, what about you? Comment below with how overwhelm helps you succeed!