One of the things that makes me angriest these days is the stories I hear about female gamers, like you and me, who go through periods of sexual harassment. These stories include ones about men approaching them and asking the woman to play video games completely nude or perhaps topless.

For me, I would knock out the person who requested that of me. But this is all too normal for women in the gaming industry. This makes me so angry and is the reason I started this blog.

I wanted an encouraging community without the sexual harassment that goes on almost daily or weekly among other communities these days. I popped out of my box with the idea that I wanted to change things for us women and I will happily do so, one step at a time.

I wanted to take a closer look at how we can change the world to put the sexual harassment to rest for good this time. Why don’t we get started, ladies?

The death of sexual harassment toward female gamers is here!

“Put our foot down and make a stand.”

As females, we deserve the respect that men get on a daily basis. Sadly, we don’t get that respect and that needs to end. We need to put our feet down and make a stand for our respect, not just for our sanity but the impression of our children.

We need to show these children that we deserve the same respect as people of the opposite sex. Take note of that phrasing as well: I believe transgender people deserve that respect as well. We need to make sure everyone feels included in the fight since we need to make a stand.

We need to show people that we are not going to give up until our needs are met. Why shouldn’t we fight for our rights? We are able to vote and get a job, of course, but we still don’t have the same privileges as men in certain areas.

You know, like not getting paid as much as men today. Some women are paid half as much as men for doing the same darn job! How pathetic is that, anyway? I want that to stop and am putting my foot down to do so.

I am making a stand for my fellow woman and the LGBTQ+ community. I will always stand up for both communities since I am a woman of the LGBTQ+ community.

I have affiliated with both groups for quite a while, years actually, and this is where I’ve seen all the disparities that we deal with as women. It’s even worse for people in the LGBTQ+ community since there is even more judgment there.

As gamers, we have a unique perspective that we can use to make a stand. We need to use that perspective so we can make a bigger impact.

Natalie Portman

“Put the pervert on blast.”

This is the scariest part of the plan, ladies. There is so much fear about bringing our stories to light. Sure, we live in an Age of Information but that doesn’t mean we won’t be dealing with negative consequences from following this step.

We should still speak out about our experience with being sexually harassed, however. We should do this because we can use our stories to warn other women about the perverts that are out there.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the women coming out (and men too!) about their experiences with sexual assault. I’m sure you’ve heard Halsey’s poem during the Women’s March of 2018 and Natalie’s speech during that same Women’s March.

Actually, Natalie’s speech is what motivated me to come up with this blog post. I wanted to use this blog as inspiration for us all to come out against the offenders.

Coming out with our stories is a brave act in of itself and can be the catalyst for others coming out. Women could see us coming out with our experiences and realize that if we are brave enough to do so, then they can do that too.

Who wouldn’t want to see that? Good can come out of such a frightening act and how you view it is completely up to you. Let’s get the “party” started, shall we?

Halsey GIF

In Conclusion

I know this post might be offensive to some people and I’m sorry for the offense I’ve caused. I know it’s also radical and that’s the point I wanted to make here.

I wanted to make it radical so it causes women to jump out with their experiences. I am here to support everyone who wants to join the movement and will always be here for you.

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