I like to think you’re asking yourself a question as you look at my website. Why the heck should you pick me over the people you’ve looked at before now? Well, I have an answer for that too, my new friend. Here are just three of the reasons I’m the girl for the blogging job:

My Mental Illness

I’m open about my mental health status: generalized anxiety disorder. I know all about the need for your services since I have a mental illness. I use these facts in my business to better understand your needs for blog content.

My Passion for Your Brand

I am passionate about helping other people understand that having a mental illness isn’t the end of the world. I like to think that we can erase the stigma surrounding it one person at a time. I want to work with you for this very reason!

Business Partners

To me, we are business partners working toward the same goal of making people’s lives better and easier with or without the use of medication. I’d love to work together to make that goal a reality for you!

The blog post you edited for me is awesome. Thanks for doing that. It looks great! Jenna Larsen

Freelance Writer, Cuddlesome Critter Care

I have some great social proof for you as well to show that I know what your readers are looking for. Take a look!

Twitter Profile

I grew my Twitter profile from 463 followers to over 900 in less than a week through the use of blog post sharing and interaction with others in my niche.

Facebook Business Page

I grew the interaction on my Facebook Business Page by over 100% in just under a week by sharing content relevant to my audience’s needs. I gave assistance when I could and also promoted the page on appropriate threads.

Linkedin Profile

I grew my Linkedin profile by a couple dozen connections by reaching out to people in my writing niche. I was strategic in my efforts and it paid off in the best possible way!

If you have any questions for me, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at (lisa@lisafourman.com) or go to my FAQ page here! I’ll get back to you within 2 business days to answer any questions you might have for me.

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