Anxiety can be a very difficult thing to deal with, especially on a daily basis as an entrepreneur. What’s even worse is finding the core of your anxiety or what caused it to happen in the first place.
Delving deep into one’s anxiety when they aren’t sure what caused it can be quite the task to undertake. Being an entrepreneur with an unsteady income can make that anxiety shoot up.
The temptation of that freedom lifestyle is hard for anyone to resist. Want to know what’s even harder to deal with? The idea that you have no idea what you’re jumping into.
The fear of the unknown can plague us all. It can make us wonder why we do what we do. When we are feeling the effects of the anxiety, it can make us wonder how well we’re doing.
Why can’t finding out why we feel the anxiety be so easy? Why can’t it be as easy as thinking about that leap of faith you took? Well, my friend, that’s where I can help you.
I know the anxiety far too well – I’m being treated for it, actually. I know why I feel the way I do. I want to help you find out why you’re feeling this way as well. Let’s take a look, shall we?


1. When was the first time you remember feeling the anxiety?

This question can sometimes be a difficult one to answer. This is especially true for me when I’m trying to find the core of my own anxiety. I know it’s hard to think about but do it anyway.
If you don’t do it for me, then do it for yourself. Finding the core of your anxiety is the key here, after all. When was the first time you remember dreading that task you hate?
While you’re thinking about an answer to this question, I want you to ask yourself a second question. What is the task or tasks you dread doing every time you do it?
Ask yourself why you dread it. Perhaps it’s cold-calling or cold-emailing people about becoming clients. What makes you dread those tasks? Could they be adding to your anxiety?
Those are tasks that add to my own stress levels. I wouldn’t be surprised if they add to yours as well. Don’t be afraid to delve deep so you can do some major healing!


2. What makes you feel the most anxious?

Think for a moment here for me. Out of the tasks you dread doing on a regular basis, which task do you dread the most? What about that task do you dread?
Is it a task that makes you nervous about completing it? Is there is something particular about the task that makes it unappealing to you?
For me, that is cold-emailing people due to the high chance of rejection. I got several rejections from brands when first starting out as a freelance writer.
Don’t get me started on the one I got from one travel brand. The lady told me “kindly take me off your direct solicitation list. Thank you.” The horror, right?
I can’t even begin to tell you about the level of disappointment running through my body after that. This is the result I didn’t want and it was worse than I could have imagined.
Ask yourself one question about this task when you discover what task makes you anxious. What about that task makes you anxious the most? Is it the fear of rejection or the fear of change?

3. How do you feel when you’re anxious?

This is the hardest part to talk or even think about for some people. It is easier for some but I do want you to think about your anxiety for a moment.
What are you feeling when you’re anxious? Is your heart racing and your palms sweaty? Are you stuttering when asked a question, your cheeks flaming?
What about your mind’s ability to focus? I’ll wager a bet here and say it is gone to shit as well. Has it? I thought so! You can’t seem to focus in on one thought, huh?
The ability to calm yourself down before going into full-on panic mode can be a tricky one. It may even seem to be elusive to you for a little while, especially when you’re panicking.

4. Is there a particular event that triggered you?

Sometimes there is a specific event that may have triggered the anxiety to begin. For me, that was learning how to drive when I was a teenager.
The anxiety has followed me into adulthood since my case is hereditary. Each case is different and I am definitely not a psychiatrist.
You don’t even have to take my word for it either! Take a look at CalmClinic, which says every type of anxiety is different. (If you’ve never heard of CalmClinic before, check them out!)
Some people have manageable anxiety but there was a certain event that worsened it. They could leave for days and then come back.
What is it for you that causes you to have anxiety on levels like mine? Is it your job or is it the thought of LEAVING that job? For me, it’s both cases but then my answer is different than yours.
I want you to think about the answer to this question for me. I want you to think about it so you can know when the anxiety and panic are coming. What’s causing it for you?

5. What do you do to combat the anxiety?

This is a question I get asked a lot by my fellow entrepreneurs when they realize what I’m going through. How can I fight the anxiety that wants to overwhelm me?
Well, my friend. I don’t have a straight, one-fits-all answer for you. I will say that it depends on your level of anxiety. It also depends on what your favorite tasks are.
You should take a break from those loathsome tasks to do something you love doing. Pick up a journaling habit so you can write about the less-than-savory activities.
You can also do what I do: listen to music while doing EVERYTHING. Yes, I listen to music all the time. I read just as much to get my mind on something besides overwhelming anxiety.
What’s it gonna be for you? What can YOU do to shut your brain off, even for a few moments out of your day? When you find that something, do it for a block of time EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Over to You!

How are you going to fight the anxious feelings you get about your least favorite tasks? I dare you to tell me in the comments below, my friend!