Want to get in contact with me? Well, you should read this page first so you can know what to expect from me in terms of a response or two.

I do take emails seriously these days. My business depends on them, if I’m so bold as to say it. Someone needs to say it, right? If not me, then who would?

Anyway, there are some things I need to cover before we get to the contact form at the bottom of the page. There are some things I need you to know:


• I am not interested in MLMs or direct sales businesses. I’ve tried them before but I don’t have the personality type to make it worth anyone’s while.

• I am not accepting guest posts at this time since it’s a one-woman show at the moment. This might change in the future but I am concrete with this point for the time being.

• I do not consult businesses for free, nor do I provide free blog posts. I take my business incredibly seriously and it pays my bills. I will not write for your business for free because it takes time to do the research and write the post. Exposure does not pay the bills!

• I will not place articles on big sites that talk about your company. That is illegal and could land me in jail. That’s not to mention that it could get me kicked off of contributor status. Not worth the risk, my friend!

• I do not stand by bullying or negativity. I’ve gotten my fair share of trolls and I want you to understand that you will not get a reply from me. If your email contains negativity or unnecessary swearing, you are subject to me laughing at you.


Does your email pass these “rules”? Go ahead and send it to (lizzie@lisafourman.com) or use the form below. I’ll get back to ya as soon as possible!

Send that email!

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