Are you Embarrassed by Your Social Media Marketing Skills? Here’s What to Do.

Are you Embarrassed by Your Social Media Marketing Skills? Here’s What to Do.

You are suffering from social media embarrassment. You’ve tried everything you’ve heard from other female entrepreneurs. You have tried to get the results everyone else is getting but it always fails in the end.
You grow more and more frustrated at the lack of positive results and it makes you wonder why you bother. You can’t help but wonder how everyone else is getting great results. This is all while you’re left firmly in the dust.
You throw up your hands in defeat after trying every single trick in other marketers’ books. It makes no sense that you couldn’t get the results everyone else is getting. Instead, you are getting almost no engagement at all if any.
That makes you feel sad but also even more embarrassed. You’ll never understand it yourself. Social media marketing has never been your strong suit anyway, right? That is where this blog post comes in.
I want you to read along as I delve further into this issue. You’ll leave with more tips than you could have thought, leaving you to renew your efforts.

Social Media Embarrassment: How to Avoid It (Again)

According to Wordstream, 83% of females on the Internet are on Facebook alone! If your ideal client is a woman (like mine is), think of how many people you could reach on Facebook by itself. That is an overwhelming thought, isn’t it?
This thought also increases your anxiety about using social media again. I know it sure amped up mine when I started my business several months ago! How was I supposed to find my ideal client when I didn’t even know where to look?
I’m sure this is a thought we all have about our business. We want our business to succeed and not to fail right into the ground. I can see the look of it now, with our figurative tails between our legs. I am quite sure you can see it as well with quite a shudder.
This thought can lead to social media embarrassment, which I want to prevent from happen to you again. I want you to read along while I take you through my process of restoring credibility to its rightful place.

Step #1: Take a step back and breath.

Social media embarrassment can be a serious thing if you let it go on too long. When you find yourself doing it, you need to take a step back from it and breathe. You can even use this step to meditate to get your mind away from the stressor.
Sometimes thinking about this situation can bring about too much stress. This can lead to you wanting to quit your business, no matter how much you love it. This is a mistake I want you to avoid at all costs.
When you’re breathing, close your eyes and visualize your happy place. Take in deep breaths and release them to the count of eight. Don’t let yourself release it all before you get to eight. This will calm your heart-rate down so you can think with clarity.

Step #2: Find out where your ideal clients are and stick to those platforms alone.

This can be a vital step in the process. Do some research into your ideal client before deciding your social media destination. For instance, my clients hang out in Facebook groups for millennial entrepreneurial women. They are also successful on Instagram.
This is why I have chosen Facebook and Instagram for the most part and placed the other accounts to the side. I have a Twitter account that I use now and again. I also have a Linkedin account that I hardly ever use.
Having two or three accounts than having an account on each platform is much easier. You aren’t floating in the wind, not knowing what you’re doing. This can be a costly mistake in the long run.

Step #3: Choose one platform to focus on per day instead of all at once.

This one can be a doozy so let’s break it down a little further. Let’s say your tribe is on Facebook and Instagram. (Yes, I’m using mine as an example but stick with me for a minute here. haha) I know it can be overwhelming to have more than one account so here goes.
Facebook has more of my tribe on its ginormous platform so I’d say we can use it first on Monday. Instagram is next up on Tuesday and Facebook is up next again on Wednesday. You could even set some time aside for each platform per day.
You can focus one or two hours per day on Instagram and one or two hours of your time on Facebook. It is completely up to you and your time commitment. For my purposes, I stick to one social media platform per day. You know, like the ENTIRE day.


Back to You, Ladies and Gents!

If you’re looking to fill your roster, this can take up to 30-45 days, depending on your activity on social media. It also depends on your determination to avoid social media embarrassment. If you’re like me, and I know you are, you want to avoid it at all costs.
What did you think of my process? Give me some comments below, my friend!