Top 3 reasons you should add your fellow gamers on Facebook.

Top 3 reasons you should add your fellow gamers on Facebook.

You’re making a ton of new friends while streaming your gameplay. You find yourself in several Facebook groups for female gamers since there are quite a few to your liking on the platform.

You get to the point where there are several women who are sending you friend requests on Facebook.

You don’t know who they are but can see that you are in a couple of the same groups. You notice they are gamers but you can’t see anything they are posting at all without accepting their request.

This fact puts you on edge since you don’t like accepting friend requests from virtual strangers.

You don’t know the names of the gamers you’ve been playing with so you don’t know if these ladies are the ones behind the gamer tags you’ve been seeing. Before accepting the friend request, you decide to send each person a message to ask who they are.

It can’t hurt to ask, right? You wonder why you should add these people to your friend list. I saw this very question in a Facebook group and it got me to thinking.

Why SHOULD you add fellow gamers to your friends’ list? Well, I got to thinking about an answer and came up with 3 answers for you that should answer the question thoroughly.

adding gamers on Facebook

Reason #1: It’s an easy way to get to know other gamers.

Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get to know your fellow gamers. I say that because people post photos and status updates.

These posts show a side of people you might not see if you talk to them via other means online.

In some cases, these posts may be a lot more personal than need be. I have seen people on my friends’ list talking about things they should never say on social media.

These kinds of posts can tell you a lot more about the people you game with. It’s almost creepy, isn’t it?

That wasn’t my intention so please keep in mind that I didn’t intend to creep you out. Anyway, take a good look at what people are posting on their personal profiles if you are able to do so.

I always do that when seeing friend requests from people I don’t know yet. Most people don’t tighten down their security enough to hide all posts from non-friends. Keep that in mind, okay?

Reason #2: This is a great chance to become more personal.

Sometimes you can’t get rid of the feeling that you aren’t very personal with people you game with on a regular basis.

The only time you spend with them online is when you game with them. You know nothing about them outside of the games they play.

All of a sudden, this gamer sends you a friend request after finding you on Facebook. You take up the chance to be friends and decide to take a good look at their profile.

You learn quite a few things about your gaming “buddy”, which means you are now on a more personal level with this new friend.

Use this chance to become more personal with the people you spend time with online. I can promise you won’t regret it since you already trust these people on some level.

You wouldn’t be gaming with them otherwise, right?

Reason #3: It’s a legit way to see if someone is really who they say they are.

You can also use their Facebook profile to verify their identity. I’ve used Facebook this way multiple times when looking at brands I’d like to work with.

I want to make sure that the people working there are legit and not some sort of fraud. It’s sad that we have to do this these days but there are so many scams out there.

You can’t go a single day without getting an email or phone call about someone needing money for fraudulent reasons.

A great way to figure out if a gamer is a real person is to try finding them on Facebook or even Twitter.

This is one of the quickest ways to figure out if someone is legit. I’ve met very few gamers who aren’t on Facebook or YouTube in some way so you definitely need to take advantage of these methods while you can!

In Conclusion

So those are the reasons you should add your new gamer friends to your personal friends’s list on Facebook. Do you have one or two that you’d like to add? Make sure to put them in the comments below and also sign up for my email list!