3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out the Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel

3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out the Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel

I’ve been a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments series since about 2012. I didn’t want to be a fan at first and skirted around the books for a few months.

I couldn’t help it since I got bored with the first one by the second page. I decided to give it a second try in 2012 and made it through the first book and the second book before going on a second hiatus.

I then managed to finish the series in late 2015 and even watched the film with Lily Collins. I prefer the film to the TV show, to be completely honest.

Lily did a fantastic job as Clary and I couldn’t have been more excited since I like her as an actress and as a person.

When I saw that the public library had a copy of The Mortal Instruments graphic novel, I freaked out.

I snatched it right off the display it was featured on before stopping myself. I have to say, I read it in 24 hours.

I believe it was about 22 hours, if I’m honest with myself. I’ve been a fan of graphic novels since high school in 2007 when I read Fruits Basket.

I had a friend in orchestra class who fueled the interest with the series in doses of 4/5 novels at a time.

Of course, I flew through them at a rapid speed along with Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist. Classics, right?

Anyway, I wanted to post a review of the graphic novelization of the series in case you were interested in reading the novel yourself.

Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel review

Number One: The Artwork

Wow, can Cassandra Jean kick ass! I’ve not encountered her artwork before now and I’m kicking myself for that.

I mean, this girl has some major skills as an artist! I can’t believe I didn’t see her work on Tumblr before now.

I’m rolling my eyes over here. Anyway, Cassandra Clare talks about how she first saw Cassandra Jean’s fanart of the Shadowhunters on Tumblr several years ago.

It blew me away to think that authors of books like The Mortal Instruments or even The Hunger Games would see their fans’ artwork.

I didn’t put much stock into the idea until I read this foreward and my thoughts have now shifted, which I suppose is a good thing. We need more authors like Ms. Clare out there, right?

I couldn’t help thinking that as I was reading through this graphic novel like I was starving for food.

I had to really pace myself so I could stop and really take mental note of the artwork on each page.

The runes are really impressive and put images in my own head of what each character looks like.

Both artist and author put so much work into this graphic novel that I can’t help but feel impressed. I definitely want to know when the next installment is coming out.

Number Two: Strong Heroine

Clary Fray is one of those young women I love in books these days. I love the strong female characters who know their faults and work through them anyway.

They don’t let their faults stop them from accomplishing their goals. They want to save their family and friends in spite of things that might stop them from saving lives.

They see the innocent people that could be impacted by their decisions and have a desire to save them as well.

They can’t stand the thought that people are killed because of them so they go out in search of a way to prevent that.

They won’t sit in a corner to cry about their lives; they go in search of ways to fix things. I want to see more of that in a day and age that has things to cater to people just like us.

I want to see more women finding ways to change their lives and the lives of others. I wanted to see more of Clary after finishing the graphic novel in record time.

I hungered for more of this book just because it was so easy to read. Who doesn’t like an easy book?

Mortal Instruments Graphic Novel review

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Number Three: Cliff-Hanger

Yes, this novel does have a major cliffhanger at the end of it. Don’t most books these days?

A lot of books are published with the idea of a sequel coming out after it and films are done the same way nine times out of ten.

You have films like in the Marvel/DC fandoms that never seem to end. The producers and screen-writers always come up with new villains just as the hero’s world seems to be at its peak.

I will never understand this idea myself, though I’m a writer as well. I happen to love cliffhangers, on the other hand, because it gives me a chance to look forward to the sequel.

I will admit that I have trouble waiting at times, though, especially if the prequel novel was any good like this graphic novel.

I know I’ll be picking up the next installment of the series when it comes out, that’s for sure! I haven’t read a book so voraciously in a while.

I haven’t done anything like that since I beat Super Mario Odyssey in 2 and a half days. Yes, I literally beat the game in one weekend. That’s something I don’t believe I’ll be able to do again.

In Conclusion

My concluding thought is that you should definitely give this graphic novel a read or two. I know I’ll be reading it again when the sequel comes out.

It was easily one of the best graphic novels I’ve read in a while with some of the best artwork I’ve seen. I can’t wait for the other installments to come out – I hope they come out soon!

What is your best graphic novel? Make sure to put your answer in the comments below and sign up for my newsletter!