You are a female gamer that is looking for a kick-ass community of fellow female gamers. You have been looking for a community for quite some time but have not been successful yet.

It is beginning to feel a little infuriating to you since you’ve been looking for so long without success.

You don’t know where else to do at this point when all of a sudden you see a new group on Facebook where a few of your gamer friends are spending their time.

You check out the rules of the group and find that you could easily follow them while interacting with fellow gamers.

You are delighted to find that it is a group just for females. You feel like you’ve finally found the group you’re meant to be in.

There are so many women in this group that you haven’t met – you figure there has to be someone in the group that plays the same games you do.

What is the chance that you won’t meet a new gaming bestie?! Yeah – pretty small, right? The thought makes you smile as you decide to send a request to join the group.

You figure you don’t have any risks right now: you could always leave the group if you find that it’s not to your liking.

Well, guess what? That’s my group you’re entering, my new friend. You have decided to enter The Gaming Goddesses and decided to check out The Fearless Female Gamer blog.

I couldn’t be happier about that and I hope you enjoy your time here! I thought I’d do a different kind of blog post today since I haven’t discussed my inspiration for this blog yet.

I wanted to take a few moments to go over the inspiration of this blog and what you can expect from it (and me).

Background Info

Chaoko: The Fearless Female Gamer’s inspo sesh

There is a young woman named Chaoko in Spain that I gather my inspiration from. I found her originally on Facebook in a video PlayGround did with her as a collaboration.

You’d think she is a cosplayer if you look at what she wears on a daily basis. The thing is, she doesn’t consider herself to be a cosplayer – it’s just who she is.

I totally respect that as a fellow female gamer: we are misunderstood in the gaming industry.

She talks about how she was told to game nude at one point toward the end of the video. The thing that makes me the angriest is the idea that this is the norm for us these days.

This isn’t okay and we shouldn’t be degraded by people asking us to do this! We are people just like the male gamers are – what if the men got asked to do this on a normal basis?

To be fair, I’m sure men are asked to do this on occasion. We just don’t hear about it often; in fact, I’ve never heard of it happening.

I’m not going to say it never happens, though, because I’m sure it does somewhere.

Anyway, I wanted to create a safe place for female gamers like me who want to discuss the games they’re playing.

We need a safe place to ask our questions without the fear of someone making fun of us. There are some things that are hard for me to get past that aren’t hard for other gamers.

I’m sure Chaoko doesn’t have much of the community aspect in Spain so I wanted to create a safe place for people like her…and me.

I live in a small town in South Carolina (the southeastern United States, for those who were wondering) and there aren’t many female gamers over here either.

We need more both in Spain and the southeastern United States!

What you can expect from the blog – and me

There are a few things you can expect from both me and the blog itself. Like I said just above, I wanted to create a community as a safe place for my fellow female gamers.

I’m a huge feminist who believes in the equality of everyone who lives on planet Earth. (If there are extraterrestrials living in the universe, this applies to them too!)

You can go ahead and expect that safe community as you enter the group and read the blog posts here.

I am here to help gamers who have questions and create a safe place to ask questions. You can ask the questions you believe are dumb – I don’t believe there are dumb questions.

I had a teacher in college that said the only dumb questions are the ones left unsaid. I still take that quote to heart half a decade later.

The Game Goddesses is a Facebook group that caters to answering your questions and making sure everyone has a f***ing blast playing the games they love.

If you have a question about a place you’re stuck in, I *dare* you not to ask it! I want you to ask any question you have without having to look over your shoulder every time.

Frankly, I’ve felt that way before and I’ve decided that this group will abolish that for us women.

We are stronger than anything men throw at us and we need to get that out there more often – so here’s to creating our own world of badassery!

In Conclusion

I am constantly inspired by my fellow cosplayers and women gamers. Chaoko has my respect and I’m sure she’d have yours too.

She is living a life of badassery in her own way and that’s what I want to see more of these days.

We shouldn’t be afraid and looking over our shoulders as women so I created a community that is all about empowerment.

Who’s ready to be a part of the badass empowerment that we can offer each other? Make sure to join the group and join my newsletter – ya won’t regret it!