I can see you panicking as you sit in front of the computer screen. You’re staring at the document you have started for your latest blog post. You’re wondering how the hell you’re going to get everything finished in time for the deadline.

You’re feeling overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list lately. It’s definitely beginning to show in the way you react toward anything else that needs to be added to it.

You want to get your blog up and running and you need it to be uploaded in its proper place. What are you going to do about everything you need to get done?

Well, my friend. This is where I can help you. My name is Lizzie and I’m a freelance writer all about helping practitioners in the mental health industry create kick-ass blog posts that convert readers to clients.

More About Me


I am all too familiar with the feeling of being mentally ill. I have generalized anxiety disorder and have been living with it for years. I am very open about my mental health journey since I know people can relate to it. Can’t you?

I figure that if people can relate to my story of mental illness, then why not use it to help people? Being able to help people in this way is my passion.

I am totally passionate about customer service as well, as I watched my parents run their own small business while growing up. I learned about the proper way to treat clients and also learned how to work efficiently.

They’ve taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to running a business. I’ve seen them high from success but also overwhelmed from everything they need to do each day.

The reason I created my freelance writing business is because I want to help businesses who work in an industry that may have a stigma surrounding it. I want to help those businesses get rid of that stigma so they can work in peace.

When I’m not working for my clients or otherwise writing in some way, I am reading a book or spending time with my family members. I enjoy being outdoors, listening to hard-rock music. My iPod usually isn’t too far away.


How I Can Help You


I made it my goal in life to help you with the problems you face when it comes to creating kick-ass content that your readers want to read. I hate the thought that you’re worried about making sure each deadline is met.

It’s not easy to get rid of the overwhelm sometimes and that’s just sad, ain’t it? That’s where my assistance can come in handy. Click the button below to schedule a call with me so we can get started with a discussion about your needs!