Hey – my name is Lizzie. I’m the creator of The Fearless Female Gamer. I’m here to put your fears of societal norms to rest while making sure we are the best women we can be.

I’m what a lot of people call a multi-passionate person so I’ve never been able to fit in most people’s box. I used to even color outside the lines for the heck of it! But what does that have to do with you?

You’re here because you want to read about the issues surrounding female gamers. You want to find out if your problems are dealt with by others. You don’t want to be alone any longer and are tired of remaining silent.

Well, I’m right with you there. I’m in the same place and want to make sure you realize you aren’t alone. Actually, you’re far from alone! I want to help you know more about the woman behind The Fearless Female Gamer.

My feminist journey started when I found out about Emma Watson being a feminist. I did some research into feminist issues when I found her reading list over the summer of 2017. I agreed with so much of what these women authors say in their books. My favorite author on the list is Gloria Steinem.

The books in this list opened my eyes to the issues we face as women. I realized that the problems I’ve faced in the corporate world of America are faced by other women. I’m not alone and neither are you! The goal of The Fearless Female Gamer is to make sure you know you aren’t alone by a long shot.

One of the things I’ve realized while holding a corporate job is that a lot of companies do not help women with mental illnesses. Yes, I have a mental illness: generalized anxiety disorder. I am anxious about quite a few aspects of life and it hindered my progress in my corporate job. Because of that and the lack of understanding from my supervisor, I quit the job rather quickly.

Now I am determined to make sure no other woman deals with their issues alone. That is why I created The Fearless Female Gamer – the idea that we are alone in the world as women is a ridiculous concept and one I want to abolish. We are all strong AF and we deserve all that life can give us.

Why not give the non-believers the fingers as you walk away with your head held high? You know the ones I’m talking about: the ones who talk down to you because you’re a woman. The ones who wonder if you can do the same things a man could because you’re a part of the “delicate” gender.

This thought process is definitely not new by any means and it makes me beyond angry. The Fearless Female Gamer is all about empowering the women in our lives, especially the girl gamers. We deserve to be included in gaming tournaments because we are just as good at the games as the men are.

Why shouldn’t we be given that chance? It makes no sense to me and other girl gamers out there so I’ve created The Fearless Female Gamer to change things for us. Are you ready to take the plunge with me?